Tooth beauty

Having white teeth that are arranged in a special arrangement may be a wish for many. Nowadays, with the ever-increasing advances in dentistry, it's almost impossible. Beauty Dentistry The complex of beauty tooth restorations is all aimed at one purpose, and it is a beautiful and principled smile design. Among these treatments are the following:

 Toothpaste with Composite In this method, the appearance of your teeth is improved by bonding the composites, which are the color of your teeth. When used to correct crooked teeth, this is called the beauty of a toothless orthodontic tooth.  

  ceramic laminate (porcelain veneer) In this method, a toothless toothless toothless collar is covered with tooth defects. In this way, you need to toothpick for beauty. For more information on this method and the cost of dental beauty, refer to the relevant article titled "What is Lymphen tooth?" See  

  Tooth decoration for beauty Chinese teeth can be repaired using toothbrushes that have wider damage. As for veneers, these veneers cover most of the teeth. I suggest that you refer to the relevant article for more information on the beauty of the tooth cover and the procedures, methods and price of the toothpaste beauty.  

  bridge or bridge between teeth Bridge is another type of beauty toothpaste. In fact, using two tooth adjacent to the base, a brush form is created to restore the beautiful appearance of your missing teeth.  

  Dental Implants Lost teeth have a lot of effect on the appearance of the person and his smile. Especially when they are in the person's laughter line. A dental implant is a safe way to fix it.  

  gum cosmetic surgery In the beauty of the tooth, the beauty of the gum has a lot to do with it. It is sometimes necessary to correct the height of the gum to create a smile pattern. This operation is performed under the guise of gum cosmetic surgery.  

  Tooth whitening (tooth whitening) The tinting of teeth caused by the color of food, cigarettes and ... is very effective in laughing beauty. Dental bleaching at home and at the office is a solution to these dysfunctions and returns a beautiful appearance to a person's smile. Whitening in the office quickly brushes the teeth and whitening at home guarantees the shelf life of this white.  

  Tooth decay without orthodontics (toothless beauty without orthodontics) One of our most used teeth bonding, laminating composites, and composite materials. This method is used today to help people who want to have smooth teeth and rows without orthodontic treatment. Toothbrushing is possible in many cases with the help of dental bonding technique.