Plastic cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery, unlike popular imagination, is not limited to beautiful acts. In fact, plastic surgery is a major branch of general surgery that is divided into five major subgroups: 

-  Peripheral Nerve:  Iran is the world's most advanced country in the field of surgery and one of the well-known and well-known figures in the field of international medicine in this regard is Professor Sayed Jamal Sadat Corner The academic knight is a sign of the French government, who had made Fanny some time ago. 

-  Branch of regeneration and restoration of organs Following the Iran-Iraq war, significant progress was made. Nowadays, skilled specialists in Iran are engaged in this field. 

-  Branch of the maxillary facial:  Treats congenital anomalies associated with the skull, or tumors, and fractures of the maxillofacial area. 

-  Acute burn branches:  Today there are advanced centers such as the Center for burns in Iran, as well as burn centers that are researching stem cell and nanoscale cell culture and other fields of research. 

-  Plastic Surgery Branch I must say that Iran is one of the leading countries in the field of cosmetic surgery. It can not be said that Iran ranked first in number of surgeries in the world, but according to the population and the number of surgeries in comparison to other countries, it can be said to be among the first in the world. Also, the quality of surgeon's work increases over time and with experience, and it can easily be said that due to the large number of applicants for plastic surgery in Iran, the quality of beauty acts is relatively high and competitive with pre-eminent countries such as the United States and Britain.