Planting hair

Having rich hair and pleasure is one of the most important facial expressions in women and men. However, the three factors of heredity, hormone, and age play a significant role in the high level of hair. Some people have headaches due to hormonal problems, some people have hereditary heritage and sometimes hormonal problems play a role in reducing headaches. In recent years, the practice of hair transplantation or hair transplantation with the newest methods, especially in our country, has had a lot of scientific and practical progress, and the result of work is often satisfactory for most people. There are several methods for hair transplantation, which, depending on the patient's condition and preferences, and the doctor's diagnosis, use one or a combination of them for hair transplantation.  1. Hair transplantation by FIT method  2. Hair transplantation by FUT method  3. Hair transplant by SUT method  4. Stem cell stem or PRP; the newest method of hair transplant  5. Hair transplantation by MFIT method Which method of hair extension is better? The fact is that each person should have a hair extension or a combination of several methods, depending on the condition, such as the amount of baldness, the size of the scalp, the hair bank, and the expectation and subjectivity of hair transplantation, according to the doctor's diagnosis. To choose. Costs of hair transplant Costs of hair transplantation depend on factors such as hair density and amount of hair extension area. Consider the cost of hair transplantation according to the type of hair extension method. Of the important issues in determining the cost of hair transplantation, we can mention the number of planting sessions, the number of implanted hair.