Orthopedic knowledge is constantly expanding. Today, the speed of the production and dissemination of this knowledge is challenging, so that orthopedic doctors should be able to sift and use useful materials from unsafe ways with appropriate techniques. Due to the spread of science in all branches, including orthopedics, orthopedic medicine has been subdivided into many subgroups, and many orthopedic surgeons have limited their activities to a subcategory. These subcategories include hand surgery, shoulder and elbow surgery, spinal surgery, pelvic and hip surgery, knee surgery, foot surgery, pediatric orthopedic surgery, surgery of motor system tumors, traumatic surgery and skeletal injuries, surgical injuries Sports Iran is highly advanced in the field of orthopedic science and is ranked fifth in the world in terms of orthopedic surgeries after England, Canada, the United States and one or two European countries.