Non-surgical beauty

A large number of injections have now become a non-invasive treatment and most diseases can be treated with these injectable solutions. The widest application of these beauty injections is to eliminate wrinkles in the face and remove the symptoms of aging skin. The fast and immediate result after the injection of gel or Botox has made these two most popular beauty injections.  Types of Impressions  - Natural or fat fillers The filler points are injected into the body of the suction and in the required areas. This practice requires more time and cost than many beauty aids, but due to its important benefits, it has many enthusiasts and is practiced freely by Behrouz Clinic physicians. The advantages of this type of injection include the very low risk of this operation in overweight patients (such as patients with gel evacuation). On the other hand, because Filler is taken from the body, it has stem cells in the adipose tissue and stimulates the normal skin rejuvenation and collagenization. The important point in fat injection is that it will be permanent and lasting with 3 to 4 times the injection rate.  Fictitious and Pharmaceutical Filers Various brands are included. These fillers, depending on the durability and the country of manufacture, have different prices and can be used in different areas. Skill in the injection of filler types, using the best materials, familiarity with the facial structure and benefiting from the latest achievements and articles presented in the world to create the best effect. The following can be used for filers:
Lips Emphasis Improve face form Lowering the lines and wrinkles of the skin Improve the appearance of scars or sore wounds