Infertility and Infertility

Today, with the advancement of medical science and technology, treatment of fertility problems is more successful than before. Drug treatments along with supportive methods have created a chance for many women and men to become pregnant despite fertility problems. Different options exist for treatment of infertility due to the root cause of infertility. Treatments usually start with methods that have less invasive risk and will be used in the absence of other methods. By examining couple infertility tests, the doctor will give you counseling to choose the best treatment. In most cases, using scientific techniques, effective fertility results can be achieved. Research shows that the highest response rates in women are due to hormonal disorders that are resolved with medication. Fortunately, Iran has made significant progress in recent years in the field of infertility treatment. Undoubtedly, stem cell sentimental views and new ways of using laboratory capacities have contributed to the progress of our country in reproductive and biotechnology.