Ear nose and throat

The specialty of the ear, throat and nose is the field of diagnosis and medical care, the surgical treatment of patients with ear, nose, throat and headache disorders. Neck are paying. Throat and throat diseases are important because they are associated with several body senses.

Different areas of ear, nose and throat specialization:  

Allergy Treatment of allergies through medication and immunotherapy or to avoid contamination, soil and food, and other allergenic substances that eardrum It affects the nose and throat. ENT specialist diseases such as spring jaundice, nasal mucosal membranes of every 2 types of seasonal and permanent, chronic sinusitis, laryngeal inflammation, sore throat, infection Heals the middle ear and dizziness.

Plastic surgery and facial repair surgery :  Treatment of facial and neck-ear abnormalities through cosmetic and restorative surgery. Surgeries performed by a branch of the specialist ENT include nasal aberration, nasal cosmetic surgery, face lift, split coma, eyelid droop, hair loss, and other types of deformity.  

Vertigo: The ENT specializes in cancerous and non-cancerous tumors in the head and neck, sinuses, mouth, throat, larynx and upper part of the esophagus, including the thyroid and parathyroid humerus in the neck or thyroid, Cancer of the larynx.

Laryngology or Laryngology:  This area of throat malformations includes problems and hearing impairment and swallowing. The cases that the specialist is dealing with include sore throats, cramps or swelling, swallowing disorders, gastric acid reflux, or infections and tumors.  

Echinography and neurology : Ears disorders include trauma or injury, infection, benign tumors, disturbances in the nervous system, which affects human hearing and balance. This hearing and throat specialist has ear infections, foreign ear infections, hearing impairment, head and neck pain, ear rust, dizziness and depression.  

ENT Pediatric Expert: ENT Pediatric specialist examines childhood diseases with specific problems in the ENT, such as head and neck problems at birth and developmental illness.  

Rhinology:  Rhinology examines nasal and sinus problems. Items that you should refer to a dermatologist include sinus disorder, nose bleeding, nasal congestion, taste loss, polyps, and tumors.  

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