The city of Amlash is full of pristine woods, the beautiful villages of temperate climate that produce hazelnuts and tea in the country. The city of Amlash is a mountainous land with a plain. The fertile land of this city is the place of production of medicinal herbs such as Viper's-buglosses  , Hollyhocks , scattered, and so on. The distance between Rasht and Rasht is 75 km and is located in the east of Gilan. Now we will introduce some of the historical and natural monuments of this city.  

1: liaroy Cave located in the village of Bolur Dakan  

 2.the Thalban gurch and haft khame tale sar cave 

  3. The malja dasht glacier

4: The historical mil omam  bridge

5: The old building of the gohar Taj khanum

  6: lavasun fountain