Travel Insurance

Foreign Citizens Travel Insurance Applicants for Entry into the Islamic Republic of Iran According to this insurance policy, all foreign nationals and persons residing abroad who intend to travel to Iran can be covered by the benefits of this insurance and benefit from it. The coverage of this policy begins from the time of insured entry into the Islamic Republic of Iran and ends at the expiration of the journey for which the insurance policy was invented or the insured departs from the legal borders of the country whichever occurs earlier.
If the insured suffers an accidental illness or injury during the term of validity of this policy, or if a compulsory medical quarantine is required, the insurer is obliged to organize the following services and pay the costs associated therewith.

Insurer's obligations:

the transfer
  • Insured transfer to nearest hospital
  • Insured return to their country of origin
  • Transfer the corpse to the nearest airport in his country of residence
  • Take steps to reinsure under 15s
  • Transfer a relative to Iran
Pay the costs
  • Medical and hospitalization costs up to € 10,000 including initial visit
  • Imaging and laboratory services
  • Medicare costs
  • Outpatient surgeries
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical costs from hospitalization and surgery at DAY CARE hospitals and surgical centers (over 6 hours)
  • Emergency dental costs up to 200 euros limited to dental treatment, infection treatment and tooth extraction.
  • Costs incurred in the event of the loss of important travel documents such as passports, driver's licenses or consular documents up to € 2000
  • Legal aid costs up to EUR 250 per case during stay in Iran